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Mold clean-up within an active 500,000+ square foot logistics facility

Jensen Environmental was retained to draft a mold work plan and perform mold remediation at an active logistics services facility. Moisture from an unknown source collected on the warehouse floor and impacted stored products. This caused mold growth to occur in the warehouse. The mold work plan involved cleaning impacted products, repackaging them and then cleaning the warehouse space from floor to ceiling.


First, a containment with polyethylene sheeting and negative air pressure was established. A crew of twelve depackaged, cleaned each unit with a disposable towel and an antimicrobial cleanser and HEPA vacuumed before sending it through a decontamination chamber to the repackagin production area. Quality control samples were regularly collected to confirm the cleaning.


Following repackaging and cleaning of the containment, a final cleaning of the warehouse space was performed. All surfaces from floor to ceiling were HEPA vacuumed. The floor was scrubbed with an antimicrobial cleanser used in a ride-on floor scrubber.


Confirmatory air samples were collected following final clean and passed inspection. All polyethylene walls were removed and the space was released back to the client.

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